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Could a Roman and a slave get along?

The Eagle brings back classic examples of what the sword and sandals genre doesn’t have today. Although it’s not enough to cover its main fault.

The film is directed by Kevin Macdonald who directed The Last King of Scotland and State of Play. Channing Tatum plays Marcus Aquila the son of the commander who famous 9th Legion disappear somewhere in Britain, along with the Famous Golden Eagle a gold statue. He tries to put his father’s name in honor by being a good solider. One day protecting a outpost he gets injured and returns to his uncle’s villa. He saves the life of a slave named Esca played by Jamie Bell and serves him. One day he learns rumors about the Golden Eagle being spotted somewhere in Europe. He takes Esca with him and he goes over the border to look for the eagle.

The film plays a lot to the classic formula brotherhood and learning from each other, different social classes. However the film’s greatest strength is the location and cinematography. The locations are not made in CGI so we are seeing amazing sights. Esca and Marcus are actually trekking through these places. The action scenes as well brings back fighting scenes where you could real people doing things unlike CGI filled movies like 300 or Troy. Where it appears millions but its actually ten behind a green screen. That’s kind of a fresh air for fans of this particular genre. One strange thing but not in bad way there is no romance subplot oddly enough Macdonald was able to avoid that. This is the kind of movie where it doesn’t need that it would just feel forced.

The downfall of The Eagle is the lead performance of Tatum, I’m not saying he’s a bad actor but this is not his kind of movie. He’s very miscast but I do give him props for trying to humanize his character by not making him over the top or a cliché hero. Jaime Bell although is great and really it’s the strength of the movie.  

The Eagle might have a weak central performance and a been there done that feel. It’s still a good adventure movie for anybody who’s a fan.


Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell



Next Review Talk To Her

Next Review Talk To Her

Would You Check In…

Would you check yourself in this hospital...

Session 9 proves there are still directors who care more about chills then blood and guts and cheap shocks.

The film follows a group of asbestos removers, who has gotten the job to clean up the Danvers State Hospital a institute for the mentally insane. The crew consist of Gordon “Gordy” Fleming (Peter Mullan), Phil (David Caruso), Mike (Stephen Gavedon), Hank (Josh Lucas), Jeff (Brendan Sexton III).  These men have the most different personalities ever. They sometimes even clash with each other but they are there for the money. Every member has a distinct way of treating each other in the group. As they enter the hospital every thing seems to be normal but strange things starts happening around the hospital. Like something watching, hearing them especially the troubled Gordon. They come to a point of pointing fingers and tension between them. As they go deeper into the hospital we start realizing that there something’s there and we don’t know if its supernatural or in the mind of the crew.  

The best part of the film is the atmosphere that director Brad Anderson manages to make and the set direction. It’s a creepy hospital and when you see it, it chills you to the bone. Dark corridors, creepy aerial shots and best of all the rooms that was used by the mentally insane. It’s one great looking movie, the film as well does an awesome job relying on chills and psychological horror then blood and guts. It’s more scarier what you don’t see then what you actually see. The acting in the film is great and all the supporting actors slip into madness pretty good.

The movie does follow familiar origins of another horror films but its appreciation of lack of gore and more chills is a big plus for me.

MP 4/5  

Next Review will be Session 9

Next Review will be Session 9

Racism Rears its Ugly Head

Chracters Struggling in LA

Crash is a powerful piece of cinema a movie with no restraints about race, there is no easy answers here.

Crash explores the lives of different people living in LA. They range from different races to different sexes. It follows a Persian man named Farhad (Shaun Toub) who uses his anger and lets it take over him. Brendan Fraser and Sandra Bullock play a couple that gets robbed by two African Americans and Bullock gets a stigma towards people of an other race. Michael Pena plays a Latino who is only trying to provide for his family who as well encounters racism and stereotypes. Terrence Howard and Thandie Newton as well plays the African American couple that encounters racism. Don Cheadle has a story as well. Who I think steals the show is Matt Dillon playing a cop who basically fed up with his career and life and a partner Ryan Philippe who hates him. Ludacris has an interesting supporting role as well.

I love how the movie deals with racism if you have sensitive ears then don’t watch this movie. It takes its subject to the heart and it shows no escapes. Racism is already a touchy subject to this day and its an eye opener for people can see that racism is still alive. There is always people making assumptions of the color of your skin. The central performances are Matt Dillon and Sandra Bullock which represents the main problems with our society concerning race. The corrupted racist cop who we see the news all the time and excuse  me being so upfront the white person with the false impressions and ignorance. Which is Sandra Bullock, don’t get me wrong though I’m of Latino heritage and I openly accuse people of my race to be racist as well. There are people of every race that helps the monster that racism is.

Paul Haggis directs a film with stunning visuals and great performances. With a cast like this the plot is very well made and constructed.

Crash shows us the ugly side of racism and it might not show us hope or a way out but it teaches us to find one quickly.

MP 5/5

Note: After seeing Crash I still think Brokeback Mountain should have won but Crash is till a great film.             

Trying to survive a virus infested  American wasteland.

Trying to survive a virus infested American wasteland.

Outbreaks Can Kill Off Pretty Young People Who Knew?!

Carriers is a horror film written and directed by Alex Pastor and David Pastor, newcomers from Spain.

The film stars Chris Penn, Piper Perabo, Lou Taylor Pucci and Emily VanCamp. The film is about an outbreak of a deadly virus that kills very slowly and its highly contagious. These kids go across country to find a beach and more importantly trying to survive.

The film follows familar outbreak movies and its very predicatable. However I liked the film due to the strong acting and how it shows the relationship between the kids and how they break apart. There are no easy answers here and has good scenes of how human nature could be despicable.

Good film to see for free from netflix major compliant you will see how everything will happen a mile away.

MP 3/5

The Crew in Fast Five

The Crew in Fast Five

If Only They Shut Up Just Blow Something UP

Fast Five has been getting great reviews and is the first positive received film in the series. It’s still another mediocre entry.

I must admit that I have not seen all the The Fast and Furious films and I don’t really care if I ever do. I decided to see this one and there be it. The movie begins show us Dom (Vin Diesel) is being sentenced to a long time in jail. We later see Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster helping him get free. Then they are on the run and they decide to get a job that the pay is real good. After doing the dangerous job they found out a very important dangerous man is behind the scenes. Then they call the whole crew back to do a big final score. Numerous actors from the series comes in and they show the process of them preparing for the score. At the same time a task force is sent to get Dom and his crew. Which is The Rock’s character plays we get to see scenes of that.

Let me get it out of the way the film’s action sequences are made very well and they do provide the thrills for a movie like this. You can also see the movie drops the glorification of street racing even if it is dangerous. The problem with the film is it’s pace and it’s heavy nonsense dialogue. It was nothing interesting to say and I didn’t really care much about it either.  There was comic relief and trust me hot girls and sick ass cars. What bogs the film down is the pace and the dialogue. I do admit the last 30 mins of the film was truly exciting and fun if only the movie was like that the entire time.

Sorry wasn’t very convincing.

MP **/* 2.5/5